Saturday, May 19, 2007

She's Back - Tanned, Rested and Ready to Go

Hi everyone. Dixie Starr's real life avatar is back from her 3 week Mediterranean Vacation. Just like Paris and Nicky Hilton, Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, or Jessica and Ashley Simpson it was time for a celebrity, star studded trip to the Riviera, Costa del Sol and Tuscany for Dixie and her sister. Well sort of anyway. My sister and I were lucky enough to be invited by our parents to tour Portugal, Spain, France , Monte Carlo and Italy on a family vacation. The trip was a cross between Audery Hepburn's Summertime and Chevy Chase's European Vacation.

The first thing is that my sister and I did get a lot of sun and fun in, as well as, a lot of sight seeing with the Mom and Dad. Sis and I explored the south of France on a scooter and soaked up the rays in Nice, Cannes and Barcelona. We were in Cannes for the opening weekend of the Film Festival though I have no star sightings to report. I visited a lot of art museums (what a surprise). I was specially taken by the Modern Art Museum in Barcelona. We bought a lot of art from street artists. I feel the best way to get a feel for an area is not take the sponsored tour's (although we did take a lot with our parents), but, instead talk to the street artists and ask what to see and where to go. We saw Michelangelo's David at Academia, I am still stunned by it. It was amazing.

Rather, than give a blow by blow account, I thought I would just post a few pictures in the blog to let everybody know what a tough life I live in real life :) Dixie is back in Second Life, tanned, rested and already missing Med.

Scooting around Europe.

I actually made money gambling. Big jackpot on this machine in Monte Carlo.

Dressed for dinner with my sister having happy hour.

Sunset on the Med.

It was basically an Art Trip for me.

My Dad at Pisa. I couldn't get him to pose like he was holding up the tower :(

The Roman Forum.

Wonderful sculpture at the Cathedral in Barcelona.

Mom at the Colosseum.

At St. Peter's Square and the Vatican.