Friday, March 23, 2007

Not a Meme #9 - What has Second Life done for your Real Life

I was late as usual on the Not-A-MeMes. Had a busy week. I will catch up on the blog posts in one blogathon evening. This is from Coal Nelson. It is What Second Life Done for your Real Life.

Like Mera's Response, I am going to blame something that may not be Second Life's fault, but, I would rather blame Second Life than blame my lack of control. I gained 12 pounds in Second Life from last Summer to the end of January! Now 12 pounds may not sound like the end of the world, but, when that represents 10% of your body weight it is HORRIBLE.

I blame SL for all that sitting in front of the computer. I may be dancing at the Shelter, but, I am eating Cookies and Cream Ice Cream in front of the monitor. I have gone from a normal, relatively active young person, to a full fledged SLUG as evidenced by a recent picture of me painting that I have enclosed in the blog.

Actually, things have not completely gone to pot. In February, my sister and I started a diet together. Also, I started jogging again which also helps me mentally as well as physically. As of this week, I had lost 7 of those 12 pounds. So at this point I can only blame roughly a 5 pound fiasco on Second Life. Do you know what 5 pounds of fat looks like in a butcher store ..... Ewwww, it is not a pretty site there or on a little Texan gal.

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Dolmere said...

Technically this was a response to #9 but who can blame you with all that extra fat clogging up your eyelids :) Oooh, wait, it's OK to joke about yourself but not for others to jump in, right? I always forget that one...
Thanks for the post and good luck with jogging.