Friday, March 23, 2007

Not a Me Me Challenge # 10 Response

This one comes from Rose Farina. Yaay, Rose for getting in the Blog Free For All. The Challenge is "Is Second Life like your Original Expectations or different"?

As Dol said in his response, it s a pretty challenging question. When I got in Second Life I thought it would much more like building web pages and the programming I do for a living. I thought I would explore all the builds, do a lot of building, script a lot cool things, write stuff like Mera and Dol have to connect SL and the web and really treat it like the facinating new metaverse that it was advertised to be. Instead for me, it has turned out to be like a much more interesting "mySpace".

I have made a lot of friends and gotten involved way more socially than I ever thought I would. Much to my suprise, it has become my Second Life. Do I sound like an add for Linden Labs? :) I go with friends to listen to music, I have art shows, I report on the art and entertainment scene for Second Life News Network, I am a Lovely Assistant doling out prizes on Trivial Obsession, I make and sell clothes, I am on a Relay for Life Team and on and on it goes. But, suprising enough none of it is the stuff that I had any intention of doing when I first got in.

So in many ways it has not been has not lived up to my expectations in being the metaverse of interesting new technology I thought it would be, but, has far exceeded my initial impressions in that it is FUN. Yes, there it is ..... Second Life is the most fun I have ever had playing a COMPUTER GAME. It is a game and I am not embarrased to say I like playing it!

To prove it is a fun game, I have included one my latest AVIS. It is Alice from my Dilbert series of characters I have done. Being Alice at a strip club ..... now that is what I call really living it up in the metaverse.

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