Saturday, March 17, 2007

Not a Me Me # 7 - Somewhere New

Mera challenged us to go somewhere new and blog about it. Great idea. I took the opportunity to go visit an artist friend of mine, Amythe Moonlight's sim. Amy has shown in a couple of my art shows and I was always fascinated by her 2D art that appears 3D and has moving prims and textures in them. She also is a builder who is most famous for her Christmas builds. So, I went and visited Love Harbor and Mystery to see the building that she and her partner, Ay6jay Carpenter have done.

The first thing you see when you hit the island is that is "Under Construction" and that is evidenced by the big crane in this otherwise rural English countryside. I have talked to Amy on a number of occasions and I know that she actually lives in Great Britain very near Stonehenge, so I was not suprised by the traditional English gardens and the Stonehenge monument in the distance.

The main portion of the sim is dominated by the Castle which has an animated dragon guarding it. The castle was still being finished up when I visited but peeking in the door you could see a beautiful statue that Amy had done.

From the castle, I went over to look at the Cafe that looks to be a place that will be a popular gathering spot in Mystery. Looking in the front door, from the beautiful patio you can see some of her art and her toy pig. Walking in the cafe, I noticed a hole in the floor with a ladder. So, of course, I went exploring.

The ladder led to a basement which had a glass wall that looked out into the Sea. The view into the Sea included schooling fish and a former civilization's ruins. Had I found the fabled Atlantis :) What a great imagination and considerable amount of talent Amy and Ay6jay have.

I left the Cafe and wandered over to the traditional English Square that had a Pub called the Red Bull which I found to be a great name. To think that there is a pub named after the drink that makes it possible for me to make it through most mornings.

Looking north in the square you can see the main house. So, I took a stroll up there to take a look. I took a peek into the library through the window and decided I had to explore.

Amy's attention to detail is amazing. The living room, dining room, bedrooms and libraries were all looking great. I could almost smell the heather in the air.

Lastly, I went and visited the actual Love Harbor itself. It is a club that is an old fashioned Paddle Boat. I noticed that there was a planned St Patrick's day party, so, I showed up and danced with the Mystery group. They were a great crowd and I really enjoyed myself.

Thanks for the Challenge. It really turned out to be a lot of fun!

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