Sunday, March 25, 2007

Not A Me Me #11 - Voice and Second Life

My turn again. Everybody who knows me has heard by now about my being lucky enough to win the radio promo contest for Relay for Life. Many of you have heard the promos over the Melodies 2 Memories (M2M) Jukebox network of Dolmere's. The fact that my voice will soon be plastered throughout Second Life in these radio spots along with the fact that Oz Spade is a semi-regular Shelter visitor got me to thinking about the voice coming to Second Life. Will I like it or will I hate it? Will I use it or will I not? So that is the topic de jour for this Not A Me Me Challenge. How will voice effect Second Life and will you use it?

I think voice in Second Life will at least at first be a major distraction and very annoying. Most events I go to now if there is anymore than one or two active people is full of multiple conversations going on at the same time in the chat window. How can that work when people are talking? Talking versus chatting in a chat window are inherently two different types of communication. While I often jump in with a random remark in the chat window, I would not be comfortable interrupting people that are talking.

Also how do you know who is saying what with the new voice chat? I understand the spatial 3D kind of hype they are talking about, but, I just don't know. Another great tool for a griefer.... I wonder what W-hat already has planned? It just seems that the Linden's could be spending more time with other stuff like stability. I think voice is just one of those things that is more likely to ruin the experience than enhance it for me. Unfortunately, like most people I like to hear my voice. I can't shut up and as has been pointed out in more than one occasion in my life, don't think before I speak. The chat window has helped moderate that somewhat for me in Second Life (with the exception of the times I may have been consuming liquor while in world).

So, is Voice good for Second Life? My opinion is that is more of that Second Life expanding the boundaries of the Metaverse crap we have all suffered through on top of a pretty good game. So, it won't completely ruin the game, just be another irritation on top of the many others. It is a personal decision on whether you use it and quite frankly, I don't think it is a good option for me. So, it is best that I stay mute in terms of voice in Second Life. What do you think?


Dolmere said...

Thanks for the challenge, Dixie. My response is here

Tyffany Flintoff said...
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Tyffany Flintoff said...

Dixie - an interesting topic that has a ways more to run. My thoughts on voice, which were drafted just prior to seeing your challenge are here.

Rose Farina said...

Rose answers!


dhd said...

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